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    Emergency Heating Repairs

    Emergency Heating Repairs

    Winters can be cold in many parts of the country. Thankfully, most homes have a primary heating system that keeps indoor temperatures comfortable — until there is a heating emergency. That's[More Free Help...]
    How to Find Local Repair Help

    How to Find Local Repair Help

    The Fix-It Club offers more than 250 Free Fix-It Guides for repairing broken things around the home and garage. Occasionally you won't be able to or won't want to fix[More Free Help...]
    Emergency Electrical Repairs

    Emergency Electrical Repairs

    Emergency electrical repairs can turn a good day into a bad one. Fortunately, the Fix-It Club has FREE repair help for electrical repairs and other household emergencies. If your home[More Free Help...]
    Household Glues and Adhesive

    Household Glues and Adhesive

    Things come apart. Fortunately, the Fix-It Club knows how to put them back together with glues and other adhesives. Adhesives secure the surfaces of two materials together. There are many[More Free Help...]
    Really Easy Electrical Tests

    Really Easy Electrical Tests

    The Fix-It Club goal is to make home repairs easier. With simple instructions and an inexpensive electrical tester, you can test a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices in[More Free Help...]
    15 Forever Car Maintenance Tips

    15 Forever Car Maintenance Tips

    The Fix-It Club is built on the idea that consumer items will last longer if you perform basic maintenance and simple repairs. We purchased our current car new and have followed[More Free Help...]
    How to Repair Heating and Cooling Systems

    How to Repair Heating and Cooling Systems

    Home heating and cooling systems are vital to comfortable living. Most home comfort systems offer years of trouble-free service, especially with regular maintenance. If your comfort system does fail, the Fix-It[More Free Help...]
    Emergency Plumbing Repairs

    Emergency Plumbing Repairs

    Life is good! Everything is going well...until you have a PLUMBING EMERGENCY! Then everything becomes frantic as you try to minimize water damage and restore plumbing services to your home[More Free Help...]
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    • Electric Clock Repair
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    • Electric Heater Repair
    • Electric Iron Repair
    • Electric Knife Repair
    • Electric Oven Repair
    • Electric Pencil Sharpener Repair
    • Electric Shaver Repair
    • Electric Tooth Brush Repair
    • Electric Water Heater Repair
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    • Hair Curler Repair
    • Hair Dryer Repair
    • Heat Pump Repair
    • Heating Element Repair
    • Heating Pad Repair
    • Holiday Lights Repair
    • Hot Plate Repair
    • Hot-Water Boiler Repair
    • Humidifier Repair
    • Ice-Cream Maker Repair
    • Icemaker Repair
    • Incandescent Lighting Repair
    • Inspect Car Brakes
    • Inspect Car Suspension
    • iPhone Repair
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    • Juicer Repair
    • Kerosene Heater Repair
    • Masonry Repair
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