• Easy Repairs for Retirees

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    Once retired, many people find satisfaction in performing basic repairs around the home: electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, heating and cooling repairs, major appliance repairs, small appliance repairs, and more. That's where the Fix-It Club can come in very handy. It includes more than 250 basic Fix-It Guides on a wide variety of home, appliance, and automotive repairs. It's time to repair the honey-do list.

    Making minor repairs not only saves money, it also keeps retirees' minds and hands active. Most important, simple home repairs offer the satisfaction of returning broken stuff to a useful state. Even if something is beyond repair and needs recycling, you can help the environment and the economy by learning how to recycle or reuse it. And membership in the Fix-It Club is absolutely free! Simply use this online resource any time you need suggestions on how to repair things.

    Here are the main categories of repairs you can learn about in the Fix-It Club:

    Whether you are a retiree, semi-retired (like me), or just tired of what you do for a living, look around you for potential repairs you can make to learn some new skills and save a little money. Join the Fix-It Club!

    --Dan "The Fix-It Man" Ramsey