Remodeling Help

We homeowners spend a total of more than 120 billion dollars a year on remodeling! Most of our projects included the bathroom, kitchen, or basement—facelifts, makeovers, and additions. Why? We know that remodeling can pay off in increased home value and functionality. That’s why so many of us are taking advantage of lower interest rates and remodeling our homes. You can, too. shows you how to design, plan, fund, and remodel all sizes and types of bathrooms and basements without hiring a contractor. As remodeling a kitchen is similar to and even easier than remodeling a bathroom, you’ll learn how to do that, too. This website shows you each step in the planning and remodeling process from scratching out ideas to adding decorative furnishings. Each of the projects includes clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Along the way you’ll also get proven tips from remodeling pros to save you countless hours and dollars. And you’ll be proud of the results!

Who am I to tell you how to remodel your home? Besides being a licensed remodeling contractor (retired) I’m a longtime homeowner who has done many of my own remodeling jobs in various homes. I’m also the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own Home and more than 25 other practical books for homeowners and contractors. I’ll share proven tips I’ve learned—sometimes the hard way—and add some from other remodelers and suppliers so you get the most from every dollar and every hour you spend beautifying your home. Included are photos of real-world remodeling jobs and finished projects. You’ll see what you’re getting into.

Even if you’ve never swung a hammer or tightened a faucet fitting you’ll be comfortable remodeling your bathroom as you read through this website. Save thousands of dollars and enjoy the pride of saying “I did it myself!”. Remodel your home!

The Bathroom Remodeling half of this website includes sections on Bathroom Plans, Bathroom Remodeling, and Bathroom Systems. These sections also can guide you as you remodel a kitchen or other rooms with walls, plumbing, and cabinets.

The Basement Remodeling half of this website includes sections on Basement Plans, Basement Remodeling, and Basement Finishing. These sections also can guide you as you remodel a garage or other unfinished or semi-finished rooms that require more work.

I’ve also included remodeling tips, definitions, and safety information to help make your home remodeling job go easier and more trouble-free. That’s my goal. In addition, I’ve included hundreds of Remodeling Resources that you can click on to find products and services you may need as you remodel your home.

Dan Ramsey