Common Repairs Made Easy!

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with My Simple Instructions for Repairing
Household Things That Break!

Welcome to free membership in the Fix-It Club!

Somewhere in your life there’s probably a collection of things that are broken. You may have them in a box, pile, shelf, drawer, room, shed, or garage…filled with gadgets, appliances, furniture, games, cameras, clocks, phones, TVs, toys, bikes, computers, and dozens of other things you’ll get around to fixing—or tossing—”someday”.

Unfortunately, many things today are made to be replaced rather than repaired. It’s often not cost-effective to hire someone to fix them for you. Replacements are relatively cheap, so why not just toss it and get a new one? Here are FOUR very good reasons to fix stuff:

  1. Most household repairs are easy to do, taking just a few minutes — once you know how.
  2. By extending something’s life, you are saving the environmental cost of making, shipping, and eventually dumping the device not to mention the financial cost of buying a new one.
  3. Some things have sentimental value and cannot easily be replaced. Jewelry, toys, dishware, heirlooms. You’d like to repair and begin enjoying them again.
  4. Learning to fix things can actually be fun, earning you bragging rights: “Yeah, I fixed it myself!” You’ll become the newest member of the Fix-It Club!

Who Is This Guy?

DanRamseyHi, I’m Dan Ramsey, president of the Fix-It Club — Dan The Fix-It Man. I’ve been breaking things for more than 60 years! And because I started out poor, I had to fix what I broke. I also had a natural curiosity about how things worked. This curiosity led me to  writing how-to articles for magazines beginning in 1962, then into a career as a technical writer. I wrote instruction manuals for consumers, industry, and computer users. In 1978, I began writing books and soon specialized in homeowner how-to including eight titles in the Complete Idiot’s Guide series. In total, I’ve authored 96 books for major publishers!

And I still enjoy fixing things!

Today, I want to offer you my biggest and best e-book: Common Repairs Made Easy!
It is BIG! 575 pages with hundreds of photos and drawings!

The first chapter tells you how to Fix Everything following my simple Fix-It Process. You’ll learn how to test household things and figure out— in minutes—whether it’s worth fixing. The first chapter also tells you how to select the basic parts and tools you’ll need—and what to do with it if you can’t fix it. It covers warranties, disassembly, sewing, soldering, safety, and much more.

And that’s just the first chapter!

Common Repairs Made Easy! includes:

  • 575 printable pages! Find the Fix-It Guide you want and print out the easy-to-follow instructions for fixing it!
  • Fix-It Chart for repairing 528 household things that break.
  • 164 Fix-It Guides for everything from Air Conditioners to Yard Trimmers — each answering five practical questions:
    • How Does It Work?
    • What Can Go Wrong?
    • How Can I Identify the Problem?
    • What Parts, Materials, and Tools Do I Need?
    • What Are the Steps To Fixing It?
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents. Click on any topic and go immediately to it.
  • A thorough 29-page Index to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Hundreds of clear photos and drawings to show you exactly what to do.
  • Hundreds of specific and practical Fix-It Tips to save you time and money.
  • 20 pages of handy Fix-It Club Notebook forms to help you repair anything faster.
  • 18 pages of Resources: Parts, Tools & Materials, Service, Books, Magazines, and Recycling with street and Internet addresses.
  • No advertising! Unlike our website, there is no advertising in this e-book!

It’s all published in a huge (155Mb) digital PDF file. All you need to read it is a free copy of Adobe Reader.

How much does it cost?

crmeThe price is much less than its value! With this much information and 575 illustrated pages, I could fairly price Common Repairs Made Easy! at $49.95—less than 9 cents a page. However, I am offering it at a Limited Introductory Price of just $49.95 $19.95 $9.95! And because it is an easy-to-read Adobe PDF e-book, I also can offer you FREE and immediate digital delivery. There are no shipping and handling costs! Just pay via PayPal (or your credit/debit card) and you can be reading it within a few minutes! You can fix things today!

Yes, Common Repairs Made Easy!  is just $9.95 with FREE digital delivery. You easily can save that much on your first repair alone! Order now and pay via PayPal or your credit/debit card. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Again, this is a Limited Introductory Price and I can’t guarantee it beyond today.

Save money! Save time! Save the environment! Have fun fixing household things that break. Order Common Repairs Made Easy! now.

Thank you!

Dan Ramsey, President
Fix-It Club®

P.S. – Full Disclosure: I can’t take full credit for writing Common Repairs Made Easy!. My wife, Judy, an editor and teacher, has not only supplied Honey-Do Lists for 40+ years, she also helped with extensive research for this e-book—a six-month project. Thank Judy by ordering Common Repairs Made Easy! today! It’s just $9.95!